This tour is full of history but is half the duration of the All Inclusive Historical Tour II. It's difficult to avoid discussing history on this prodigiously historical  island. We manage to introduce more up to date information  and statistics and cuture  with the  uses of medicinal herbs.

So we gab it up from one town to the next with fun historical information in a story telling fashion with useful and interesting statistical information about the island. We pass through the views of old plantations from St. Croix' productive 19th century agricultural cash crop production era during the African Slave Trade.

As we drive you around and get you familiar with this island tectonic plate you learn about the rich history.

St. Croix has a naturally beautiful landscape and you will see it all first hand. This is a diverse look at this cultural island. You are sure to be entertained about the many amazing events that have taken place on this beautiful island; "America's Paradise ."


Note: Duration 2.5 hours

It is a great way to have fun, take amazing pictures, sight see, and learn, all at the same time. It entails a little walking (walk lasts for about 7 minutes and is not mandatory).


This tour drives you through two cities on this 84.25 square mile island. When we drive through these two towns we will see many beautiful things man made and in nature. While in Frederiksted, you will appreciate the Victorian style architecture that is prominent in this town. So much tragedy and profound events have taken place in this beautiful town. It is amazing to tell. It stirs your sense of adventure and for a minute we live vicariously through the experiences of the past: the wars between the Dutch and English, the hard work of the slaves, the heroes, protagonists and the antagonists. Feel it all here on this quasi General Tour.

Finishing in Christiansted the historical town with Fort Christianvaern boldly constructed in 1749. See the ocean and smell the salt in the wind hitting the fortresses as we stroll the streets in the neighborhood of Alexander Hamilton. This is a very breezy area  and adds flavor and contrast to Frederiksted with the Old Scale House, historic churches, and a board walk. You have the options of going to the beach or shopping after this tour with a shuttle bus pick up in the afternoon.

Tour Schedule: 10:00 a.m.

Tour Duration: 2.5 hrs.


Adults  - Two persons or more $50.00 each

Child - $45.00

One person - $120.00

Free: (4 years and younger)


  • Water
  • Post Cards
  • Surprises
  • Beach Time (after the tour)
  • Shuttle Pick Up From Beach
  • Life Vests for Small Children

Snorkeling Set $5.00 additionally