This tour starts in the Cruz Bay Park and weaves its way on foot through the town discussing the old battery Government House, National Park, Laurence Rockefeller, Melanie Griffith, Oppenheimer and Avelino Samuel. As we start our drive through the island you can immediately feel and smell the soft clean air and relax in the immense greenery that makes up this 3/5 National Park reserved island Myrah Keating Smith hospital, Catherineberg's unique architectural style, Bay Leaves, and historical "Coral Bay" will be explained. We also visit the Emmaus Moravian Church which is an officially recognized and registered historical building. This just so happens to be accross from the famous Fortsberg Fortress Slave Revolt. We will take you to isolated herbs used as historical medicine and explain all the details of the historical objects that line our route.

Our last important stop before we take you to the beaches and pick you up later is Annaberg Plantation. The beginning of a very scenic drive through that marks the end of  this Historical Tour of St. John Virgin Islands and its National Park lands.

Annaberg is a famous example of what the colonial slave plantations and cane mills looked like. A rustic and weather beaten early nineteenth century coral and rubble stone construction. This is considered a modern plantation in its present form but was originally built in the 18th century now rusticated over the centuries by salt water, rain, sun and the Caribbean trade winds, with the contrasting pristine back drop of the British Virgin Islands and the Caribbean Sea mixing with the Atlantic Ocean, this is the perfect finish for a world class tour of St. John Virgin Islands.

Tour Schedule: 10:30 A.M. (St. Thomas Pick Up Time 9:00 P.M.)

Tour Duration: 2.5 hours

Beach Stay (optional) or shopping afterwards: 2 hours

Return to local residence or cruise ship in St. Thomas: 3:00 P.M.

Price: Adults $65.00 per person (two or more)

Children $35.00

Free: 4 years and younger

Private Tour $120.00 (for one person), or $200.00 for two persons.


§ Water

§ Beach time

§ Life vests for children

§ Snacks

§ Surprises

§ Post Cards

§ Delivery to St. Thomas Cruise ship dock