Benefits and Advantages


  • Guaranteed to get your tour even if the ship is hours late
  • 100% refund 4 days or more for documented medical emergencies for affected
    customer and spouse.
  • 95% refund for 4 days or less for affected person and
    family members.
  • 80% refund for 5 - 10 days.
  • 90% refund for 11 days or more.
  • Toll Free number
  • Trained tour guides
  • Convenient Schedules (Morning and Afternoon Tours)
  • Several Locations
  • Gift Certificates
  • Group Discounts
  • Specialty Language Tours





Early Tours

EARLY TOURS or the FIRST TOURS of the day are ideal for the shopping enthusiasts because shopping time is included. *Once the tour is completed we offer time at the beach, or/then, time to shop with a complimentary pick up return to the ship or hotel.

Note: If shopping is equally important as touring then book the early tour and shopping will be included after the tour.

Afternoon Tours

AFTERNOON TOURS , or the SECOND TOURS, are a little more laid back. This tour is ideal for the person who wants to shop in the morning and tour and hang out in the afternoon with delivery back to the ship or hotel. With an afternoon tour you can also sleep late, tour, hang out with the guys and gals meet new people and safely return to home base.

Note: It is recommended that you shop in the morning, take your valuables back to the ship or hotel and prepare for your Afternoon excursion. This is best to secure your valuables.

An uncompleted tour excursion can be re-booked for anytime within a two year period where and when available.

Shuttle Service is only guaranteed if you are in place and ready to go when the bus arrives. If you are not in position and ready to go the bus will not wait. The bus being delayed could make the difference in someone missing their scheduled boat or a post appointment. Always make sure that you have money for taxi fare from the shuttle pick up location. Or you can call the Island Captain on the top of your voucher receipt and be assisted with service. We are not at fault for tardy customers, tardiness voids our obligations to them.

Customer Service Issues

If the Customer is dissatisfied with the service provided they should call the Island Captain’s number on top of the voucher to solve and mitigate these issues and should be followed up with an email to our headquarters address:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to ensure satisfaction.