Santa Cruz (Holy Cross; Latin): Christopher Columbus first named it in 1493.

Saint Croix (French): French “owned” St. Croix was sold to Denmark in 1733.

Located: 17degrees 45 North and 64 degrees 45 west

Size: 84.25 square miles (28 miles in length and 7 miles in width)

Population: 53,073; 2000 census (50,000 Christiansted and 3,000 Frederiksted)

Highest Point is: Mount Eagle (1,165 ft. /355m)

Average Rainfall: 45’’

Average Temperature: 80 degrees Fahrenheit

Religion: Catholicism

Local and National Holidays


New Year’s Day – January 1                                        Memorial Day – May 28

Martin Luther King’s Day – January 15            V.I. Emancipation Day – July 3

President’s Day – February 19                               Independence Day – July 4

Transfer Day – March 31                                          Labor Day – September 3

Holy Thursday – April                                            Columbus Day – October 8

Good Friday – April                                                  Liberty Day – November 1

Easter – April                                                               Veteran’s Day – Nov.11

Easter Monday – April                                          Thanksgiving Day – Nov. 22

Carnival – The first Friday and Saturday                      Christmas Day – Dec. 25

of January usually.                                          Christmas Second Day – Dec. 26


Notes: Saint Croix is named in the French language today. It is the largest of the

four main islands and fort- six cays that comprise the Virgin Islands. The

island has seven senators that serve the people, they are elected every two years.

There are a total of 15 senators in the legislature, St. Thomas has seven senators

and St. John has 1 Senator "At Large," Water Island the smallest

of the four Virgins has no senatorial representation, its population is less than 300

people and less than 1 sq.mi. Saint Croix has two towns although it is one island, with one

government; this dual city started when the island was colonized simultaneously

by the Dutch and the English.