We are tour and excursion providers heavily involved in training our drivers in different sensibilities. We also use innately qualified drivers with personality, who have many years experience in this service industry, our training ensures our drivers are articulate, versed in each of their respective island's history, ecology and current statistical information. We at Caribbean Historical Tours (C.H.T.) train our drivers and they are some of the very best.

We are based in the Caribbean and head quartered in St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands. A family operated business since 1984. Now with new managers and a board of directors with many combined years business experience, doctorate degrees and artistic achievements, we would like you to know that "experience counts."

We provide high end, oral niche market tours, not just Historical in scope, but Nature (Eco), Beach, and General Tours. All are very specialized except for our General Tour, which are composites of information from the other tours respective to each island.

Based in St. Thomas Virgin Islands, this has been a family operated business since 1983. We are proud of that, and would like for you to know that "experience counts."

We aspire to be a catalyst for fun and a cultivator of family culture: learning together, eating together, while having fun exploring the islands, and being stimulated by what the Creator has made.

Caribbean Historical Tours is a leader in the tour industry cultivating comprehensive interactive tours that let you, "see, feel, hear, smell and taste the Caribbean culture."

We are a training facility for our drivers, providing them with the historical information, customer service training, first aid training and other types of information that helps to provide you our customer with first class service. At Caribbean Historical Tours our drivers are provided information and are tested on what they learn. C.H.T. challenges our tour guides to learn enough about their respective islands to become an authority on the subject.

  • We work with the archives.
  • We research and acquire historical information of the entire Caribbean region.
  • We use this historical information to entertain and enlighten our guests.

The culture is equally important to us and the different traditional medicinal herbs, their usefulness, and risks. We do not administer these herbs we simply explain what they are and what their usefulness are historically for entertainment purposes only; we do not cover any illegal herbs or contraband.

All of our tours are comprehensive and are continuously being improved. Only articulate and comprehensible Tour Guides are used to conduct our tours. We know and understand that it is sometimes difficult to understand the different West Indian dialects, our drivers are trained by acting coaches to over enunciate and to modulate their words and voices so that they are understood.

We take touring seriously. Because of our commitment all of our tours are fun and exciting experiences that the whole family can enjoy.

We work hard at being the very best, for that is the only thing that guarantees our success in a market that is saturated with competition.

We cater to the intelligent shopper on a quest for a good value and the highest quality possible . Make us your official family tour company. With more than twelve island locations in the Caribbean and so many drivers we can accommodate any size group. Grow with us as we get to know you.

We will connect you with the best local food, snorkeling, jet skiing, sport fishing. What ever it is that you would like in the islands we have a large network of drivers that can get you there.

Try us today!!! Only the C. H. T. way!

See more of what our tours are about below.

Historical Tours

Historical Tours are very comprehensive, these tours sometimes involve some walking and often last for more than two hours and in some cases long as 5 hours. Be sure to check the duration of the tour you are interested in. If you love history but don't want the walking aspect then choose our General Tour. The General tour is always the best value because it is designed to be a composite of several diverse tours and lots of history. We recount the history in creative ways. Modulating our voices in theatrical ways so the history can live for you. Tales and truths of the aboriginal peoples, piracy, slavery, colonization, and the chronological order of successive European colonies and their notorious leaders are all covered.

These tours can be utilized as a field trip for school groups, from middle school to collegiate levels. Informative and educational, this is an excellent tour for families or individuals who love the rich stories of pirates in the Caribbean . You will see the island's vast geographical beauty, smell aromatic medicinal herbs and learn of their uses, we drive to and through different historical sights, and to some of the highest elevations on the islands we serve. Each tour is unique and island specific. Beach time is sometimes possible on these tours.

Note: For history lovers that prefer less walking we highly recommend the General Tour.


Beach Tours

Beach Tours are for the beach lovers and are a great way to see the island and get some important swim time in. It is always possible to shop after your swim at the beach; for these tours always start in the morning so that you can have it all in one day.

This is a very smart tour to utilize, it could be considered your traditional island tour with nothing covering the history but instead really cool information about the paths of whales, depths of the ocean, types of fish and coral reefs that are found in the surrounding waters etc.

So for anyone interested in seeing most of the island, these tours visit several beaches in two hours, with another two to five hours on a beautiful beach for swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving (scuba diving is not included in the tour price and is not always available.

So if the tour starts at 9:00 a.m. in the morning you could be in the beach swimming by 11:00 a.m., leave the beach at 1:00 to go shopping, or stay on the beach all day. We offer beach toys to play with. Each island has different types of beach toys for the children and the adults.

  • Swimming vests are included for all children.
  • Beach toys are included for all.


Nature Tours

Nature Tours are always all inclusive: Hiking, trailing, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, eating, partying and just simply spending quality time in nature (nurture), learning about aromatic traditional medicinal herbs which were a major part of our culture historically.

Some of these herbs are extremely effective, interesting, and are still used today, but are a dying part of our culture all over the Caribbean . We take you out into nature to visit isolated beaches to swim in between small hikes and trailing.

  • Lunch and refreshments are included.
  • Sunscreen is included (SPF 30 - 45).

Note: These tour's activities always vary and offer no set activity due to ever precarious weather conditions; inclement weather, turbulent surf etc.

The one guarantee, is a an eco friendly, happy time in nature to remember.


Shopping Tours

Shopping Tours are an all inclusive. If shopping is your thing, you will love this tour. We offer a Personal Shopping Adviser who will give you free suggestions on: the best places to shop, unbiased opinions on what is considered commercial grade opposed to the more rare grades that would be considered more investment type quality or what is a better value etc. We will even assist you in negotiating a better deal if necessary and possible.

Lunch and Shopping are done after the tour is completed. These tours are all inclusive and lunch is always at one of the finest restaurants in town.

Note: This excursion is a combination of our General Tour and our special *shopping services. Shopping services are a complimentary feature on this tour and are no guarantor of quality, value, best price, real or fake. We do use people that are highly skilled and have worked in the gem trade.


General Tours

General Tours are the least specialized tour. These tours are designed to be the best value. They include lots of historical information and is a composite of historical, ecological, cultural and statistical information. It is ideal for shoppers and swimmers.

See how you can have it all before, on, and after, the general tour?

A world class tour experience!!!