St. Thomas is pretty small, so if you are coming to swim, why not visit and dip in a few of their world famous beaches!? We accomplish this by designing this special tour route that allows you to see the most important aspects of St. Thomas - the beaches!!!

This is a two hour tour with three hours or more to swim on a beach of your choice. We visit five beaches and also get to see 85% of the entire island. We discuss all that relates to the ocean such as the depths of ocean that surround us including the various ocean trenches, coral reefs, marine life, sport fishing records, whale migratory paths and more.

This tour is great for anyone that wants a quality tour of marine life, island beauty and fun in the sun. We do the talking while you do the sight seeing and casual listening.

Snorkeling equipment, and swimming is included and can be done after the tour at your favorite beach with an included shuttle pick up and return to your ship or hotel in the afternoon.


This tour starts at 9:00 AM, and is the most quintessential tour of the Caribbean . We take you on an exciting ride throughout the island visiting four beaches and viewing Magens Bay Beach from world famous Drake's Seat before ultimately visiting Coki Point and Sapphire Bay Beaches, you will be afforded an opportunity to swim, snorkel, or scuba dive, jet ski, parasail, or go to Coral World; the under water observatory where you can see all types of fish, turtles, sea horses and sting rays and many other marine and bird life in their natural habitat.

During the tour we cover information about coral reefs and other marine life, depths of the ocean that surround the Virgins Islands, whale migratory paths, the surfing location on St. Thomas and of course, some history.

We stop at four beaches and view world renowned Magen's Bay Beach from Sir Frances Drake's Seat. It is tempting to stay and swim at any one of the beaches before the tour ends. But be patient, you will have a chance to swim at Magens, Coki, or Sapphire Bay Beaches . Stunning Coki beach is pictured below.


  1. First stop: Lindbergh's Bay Beach, this historical beach and surrounding area on our first stop, is where world renowned aviator Charles Lindbergh landed on his famous and befitting, first non-stop flight across the great Atlantic Ocean in the 1830's. This beach is gorgeous. Two hotels, including the romantic Emerald Beach Resort uses this beach for its guests. But all are welcome. All beaches are public by law.
  2. Second stop: Hull Bay, north of St. Thomas, facing the Atlantic Ocean, lots of fishing boats in the shores of this fishing community, this heavily reefed area is the only surfing locale as well. From the shoreline you can see the Inner and Outer Brass Cays.
  3. Third stop: The view of Magens Bay Beach, north, from world famous Sir Frances Drake's Seat. Magens Bay has full amenities and skinny dipping at the unofficial nude beach in St. Thomas Little Magens (nudity is illegal in the Virgins. Get it?) a walk to the north across the rocks and out of visibility; private.
  4. Fourth stop: Coki Point Beach, north east, of St. Thomas facing the Atlantic Ocean, you will find Coral World (a marine park and under water observatory), Scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing and jet skiing are available but are not included.
  5. Fifth stop: Sapphire Bay Beach Hotel; north east facing an area where the Caribbean Sea merges with the Atlantic Ocean. The last stop, this hotel based beach has all the amenities with restaurants, shops and tranquility found on this normally quiet beach ideal for relaxing and some action.


We have beach shuttle pick up available at specific times:

Sapphire Beach- 3:00 P.M. (Front Desk)

Coki Point Beach- 3:15 P.M (Coral World)

Magens Bay Beach- 3:30 P.M (Shed #1)

Tour Schedule: 9:00 A.M.

Tour Duration: 2.5 hours Stay at the beach until 3:00 P.M.

Price: $45.00 adults

$30.00 child (4 years and older)

*Sanitized snorkeling equipment available $5

Free (3 years and younger)



Alternative water activities "Pay As You Go"

Note: These "pay as you go" water activities are not affiliated with Caribbean Historical Tours but are available on the beach to everyone. We will not be held liable for any accidents that may occur on these electives that are not a part of our tour packages.

Important: The prices are subject to change and may be lower or higher depending on the time of year: in season or off season.

*Physical Exertion - Mild to strenuous, depending on if you swim or not.


  • Life vests for children
  • Water
  • Drinks
  • Beach Toys
  • Discount Tickets to Coral World
  • Snorkeling Equipment
  • Surprises
  • Shuttle Bus pick up
  • Lots of choices of beaches to swim
  • Possible shopping after the tour and beach
  • Jet skiing and parasailing availability
  • Viewing of many beaches in two hours
  • Wide variety of foods and amenities on the beaches (not included in price)
  • See most of the island's geography



Not Included / Pay On Location only

•  Coral World at Coki Point Beach:

We always offer official discount coupons for Coral World tickets, just ask your driver. Coral World is the only under water marine life observatory in the Caribbean. Experience turtles in their natural habitat, fishes, sharks and a wide variety of tropical birds and more. Other aquatic activities are available here as well.

Discounted Admission: $16.00 Adults

$9.00 Children(3-12yrs.)


Coki Point Beach:

•  Jet Skiing: $75.00 for 30 minutes.

•  Parasailing: $75.00 for 8 minutes of air time.


•  Sapphire Bay Beach:

A relaxing beach with the convenience of a hotel; food, bar, water sports, restrooms. With views of St. John V.I. and the British Virgin Islands in the background, and the calming ocean waves hitting the shore this is a great way to unwind.



•  Magen's Bay Beach:

A wonderful beach for relaxation, socializing, and swimming. 3/4 of a mile and rated one of the top ten most gorgeous. A real beauty, with interesting landscape in  this natural inlet with surrounding cays. This is a government ran beach with all the amenities even beach paddle bikes for rent.