This tour will blow your mind with all of its elements. An absolute world class experience. You will get to see 75% of the island, the capital, the University of the Virgin Islands, North Side, many cays that inspired Columbus'; "las once mil virgenes" remarks while sailing through these waters.

We also take you to the highest point, Mountain Top (1556 ft.) where they serve a world famous banana daiquiri from there you can see Magen's Bay Beach, the British Virgin Islands St. John and over eleven cays. We have the best tour guides in the business and we only use the best of the best to conduct our General Tour; it is important to us. This tour is loaded with solid historical and statistical information and lots of surprises.



St. Thomas is pretty small, so if you are coming to swim, why not visit and dip in a few of their world famous beaches!? We accomplish this by designing this special tour route that allows you to see the most important aspects of St. Thomas - the beaches!!!

This is a two hour tour with three hours or more to swim on a beach of your choice. We visit five beaches and also get to see 85% of the entire island. We discuss all that relates to the ocean such as the depths of ocean that surround us including the various ocean trenches, coral reefs, marine life, sport fishing records, whale migratory paths and more.



Come walk on the wild side.

"In the bushes and through the woods, to a little beach down belowwwww, the guides know the wayyyy and just where to goooo-oh."

"It's really not far, we don't need a car, and when we get there, we won't have a care, we will spend the day, enjoying the air, and soooo-oh."

 -Mr. Coconut




St. Thomas - SHOPPING TOUR : All inclusive only

A wonderful way to spend the day and enjoy our shopping services! This tour is designed for the whole family in mind. Your host is our Personal Shopping Advisor and will give you recommendations as to where to shop and find the best prices on t-shirts, Jewelry, crystal, liqueur and what ever else you need. A knowledgeable and professional tour guide will host and guide you through the maze of streets while reciting the history of the buildings and monuments. What more can you ask for?

After, or in between segments of shopping until you drop, you can enjoy your lunch at one of St. Thomas' finest restaurants. Choose from Italian, Spanish,Vegetarian or West Indian Caribbean cuisine.

You can opt to be delivered to the beach of your choice after shopping and be picked up later for delivery back to your hotel or cruise ship. If you go on your own to shop without the Personal Shopping Advisor guide then simply regroup with the others in front of the Alvaro Delugo Post Office in down town Charlotte Amalie at 3:30 & 4:30 p.m.

If you do go to the briefing before the shopping you will receive great information about G.I.A. standards and from trained professionals to armor you with knowledge to make a more informed decision. Our guides have worked in the industry for years and know their way around the shopping district. We connect you to designers such as David Yurman, Omega, Breitling, Piaget, Baume & Mercier, designer fashions, rare liqueurs and art collectibles.

This tour also visits the exclusive Yacht Haven Grande and some off the beaten path art galleries.

Schedule: If your ship is delayed -we are aware of it- and/or doesn't fit the available tour schedule options, we pick up 30-40  minutes after your ship berths.

1.  Regular: 9:30-9:45 AM


All Inclusive Only -Adults - $90.00

Children - $80.00 (5-13 years old)

Free - (four years old and younger)

Private Tour - One Person - $200.00


  • *Lunch
  • Water
  • Coffee
  • Post Cards
  • Surprises


Beach time is optional if the cruise ship is leaving late or if you're staying in a hotel.

Note: *This tour is not appropriate for children.

*Physical Exertion: Very Mild it Includes Walking from store to store.




Private Cab Service only. No charge for children under 5 years of age. No waiting for your taxi cab to fill up, direct service to your hotel with one included allowed stop for any necessities.

Cyril E. King Airport Transfer To: Carib Beach, Beach Comber, Emerald Beach Hotel (walking distance from the airport), Villa View Guest House and anywhere on the West Side up to Fort Christian.




Saint Thomas: Named after a saint, it is currently named in English.

Located: 18 degrees north and 65 degrees west

Size: 28.25 square miles (13 miles in length and 2-3 miles in width

Capital: Charlotte Amalie (originally Charlotte Amalia)

Population: 51,181 people (2000 census)

Highest Elevation: Crown Mountain (1556 ft.)

Annual Rainfall Average: 42 – 45 inches

National Flower: Yellow Cedar

National Bird: Yellow Breast (Banana Quit)

Language: English, Spanish, French, other.

Religions: Catholicism, Seventh Day Adventist, Anglican, Lutheranism, others…

Government: Democratic; governor and lieutenant governor- seven senators- delegate to

congress, an unincorporated U.S. territory.

Economy: tourism; service based- annual government revenue; seven hundred to nine

hundred million.


Local and National Holidays

New Year’s Day – January 1                    

Martin Luther King’s Day – January 15    

President’s Day – February 19                 

Transfer Day – March 31                           

Holy Thursday – April                                

Good Friday – April                                    

Easter – April                                             

Easter Monday – April                               

Carnival – The last Friday and Saturday    

of April sometimes the first Friday and      

Saturday of May; according to Lent.

Memorial Day – May 28

V.I. Emancipation Day – July 3

Independence Day – July 4

Labor Day – September 3

Columbus Day – October 8

Liberty Day – November 1

Veteran’s Day – Nov.11

Thanksgiving Day – Nov. 22

Christmas Day – Dec. 25

Christmas Second Day – Dec. 26

Notes: St. Thomas is the shopping mecca of the Caribbean it is a major Freeport. It is

one of four Islands and 46 cays that comprises the Virgin Islands the island

has seven senators that serve the people, they are elected every two years.

There is a total of 15 senators in the legislature: Croix has seven and St. John

has 1. Water Island the smallest of the four main islands has no senatorial

representation for its less than 300 population.