St. Croix, V.I. has been an American territory since 1917 after being bought from Denmark in 1917 for $25 million worth of gold. Denmark previously controlled St. Croix for approximately 184 years with Great Britain over throwing this island between 1801-02  and 1806-1816. The European influence is experienced everyday as everyone drives on the left. America still gets the last word as they drive American cars and other brands with left steering. Before all the chaos, peaceful tribes lived on the islands from 2,500 B.C. or more.

First inhabited by Ortoroids and “Amerindians;” desce ndants of African peoples. Subsequent "tribes" were called: Ceramic, Ciboney, Arawak, Taino and Caribs. These are some of the English names for these peoples who had their own names in their own languages. These were the original inhabitants of the Caribbean and some of them inhabited St. Croix for thousands of years before the European encroachment which started before the 15th century.

Columbus returned to the Caribbean in 1493 on his second voyage with 12 ships. The multitude of ships had the contributions of the Spanish Queen. This was the beginning of the Spanish Succession.



We start in Frederiksted and end in Christiansted. Because of its captivating & immense beauty, we will want to stay here, but we must continue as St. Croix has much to offer in this 28 x 7; 84.25 sq. mi dual city island.







Full of surprises and heart palpitations as you take in the Dutch, Victorian and African construction.

It is an amazing place.



St. Croix is probably just as rich in history as any other island in the Caribbean. Destined to become a major Heritage Site as it was the playground of Alexander Hamilton. Very productive in ratio to its size during the Colonial period we also have the remnants of sugar mills to prove it.

We will visit the Botanical Gardens, Cruzan Rum Distillery, Whim Plantation Museum, and The Carambola (Star Fruit) Golf Course. This tour is an All Inclusive Tour and has an approximate 5 hour duration: lunch, beverage(s), plus surprises are included


This tour is designed exquisitely; not leaving out the important things and conducted by an articulate and comprehensible tour guide who knows plants and the geological and topographical history of St. Croix. It feels like a walk in the park because everything is provided for you: refreshments, snacks and lunch. An experience you and your family will treasure for a lifetime.

St. Croix's history is connected to World History and American History, it is fascinating, amazing and exciting what you learn and discover on this tour.

Our visit to the Botanical Gardens is an excellent way for you to please your senses of sight, smell, and touch all at once. Hundreds of labeled flowers, plants and historical sites are mixed with a beautiful landscape. Simply gorgeous!

In "The land of plantations" we visit one of the most famous; the Whim Plantation. This is how and where history was made. The lives, drama, pain and beauty can all be felt here.

We will visit the distillery that is considered one of the worlds finest: Crucian Rum Distillery has been winning awards for many years. Producing the finest rum in the world with their painstaking single barrel process, it reminds us that “Patience is a virtue." The results are proven in several gold medals in taste. You will see how the rum is made, and possibly taste some free samples.

A historical tour of St. Croix would not be complete without a visit to both of the cities that have made it famous. So we are going to visit this quaint and very historical town of Christiansted. With lots of bright yellow colonial buildings, it's enough to excite. This town definitely puts you into a time capsule. View lots of well preserved history in the Scale House, Customs House, Government House and many more as we walk some streets and tight alley ways..

Did we mention that we visit the unbelievably beautiful Carambola Golf Course, named after a fruit (Star Fruit)? It shows how passionate the builders were. Built by the famous conservationist Laurance S. Rockefeller, he chose the incredible Robert Trent Jones to design it.

Very scenic, with amazing views. Come and tour with us on this All Inclusive Excursion!!!


One Person: $150.00

Two or more persons: Adults - $95.00 per person

Children - $75.00

Free: (4 years and younger- 2 maximum)


•  Lunch

•  Beverage

•  Snack

•  Surprises



This tour is full of history but is half the duration of the All Inclusive Historical Tour II. It's difficult to avoid discussing history on this prodigiously historical  island. We manage to introduce more up to date information  and statistics and cuture  with the  uses of medicinal herbs.

So we gab it up from one town to the next with fun historical information in a story telling fashion with useful and interesting statistical information about the island. We pass through the views of old plantations from St. Croix' productive 19th century agricultural cash crop production era during the African Slave Trade.

As we drive you around and get you familiar with this island tectonic plate you learn about the rich history.

St. Croix has a naturally beautiful landscape and you will see it all first hand. This is a diverse look at this cultural island. You are sure to be entertained about the many amazing events that have taken place on this beautiful island; "America's Paradise ."