Terms of Service

1. We are nothing without our customers and are keenly aware of the need to satisfy each and every one of our clients individually. First and foremost we provide an excellent product and service.

We also have excellent terms and conditions that benefit our clients and we hope to continue to listen to you so that we can maintain an excellent customer service record.

C.HIS.TOURS. - Top Ten Customer Service advantages

  • Guaranteed to get your tour even if the ship is hours late
  • 100% refund 4 days or more for documented medical emergencies for affected customer and spouse.
  • Toll Free number
  • Trained tour guides
  • Convenient Schedules (Morning and Afternoon Tours)
  • Several Locations
  • Gift Certificates
  • Group Discounts
  • Concierge Services

Customer Care

2. Caribbean Historical Tours’ Terms and Conditions

Caribbean Historical Tours (C. HIS. TOURS) aims to please and are always trying to create a better product. We are tour creators and educators but we don’t stop there. We also operate as a training facility for our drivers and have established our own certification program. We operate as a diverse group: entrepreneurs, ecologists, a dramatic arts coach, as well as creative writers to make it all happen. A world class tour with an educational and informational foundation with an interactive style to stimulate, and simultaneously educate. We also employ the help of professionals offering different specialized business services in partnerships to further fulfill our goals of providing you with the absolute best experience possible. We are very flexible and understanding in our approach to handling customer service issues but have laid out these rules and regulations so that you will be informed as to what you can expect based on the various scenarios that can take place.

2.1 We have written this section of Terms and Conditions providing you with the rules between you our potential customer and Caribbean Historical Tours LLC., to fulfill our legal obligations by fully disclosing our positions so that you our potential customer can be fully abreast and informed. We advise you to read the entire document thoroughly as it sets the legal foundation of our relationship with our customers.
These are the only terms and conditions that govern our tour bookings, products and services, provided by C.HIS.TOURS. and no variation of these Terms and Conditions will be accepted unless made in writing and notarized previously. Purchasing participants are subject to these Terms and Conditions. Customer that are purchasing tickets, products or services for third party recipients are deemed to accept these terms on behalf of third party participants who are also subject to these same Terms and Conditions.

Terms of Use

3. You must abide by the laws set out in the following terms and conditions and agree to be legally bound by all the following Term and Conditions that take effect immediately with the conscious use of this website, please do not access and/or use Caribbean Historical Tours or any of its affiliated websites if you do not agree to the following terms.

4. Caribbean Historical Tours reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any given time here on line and so it is recommended that you review these terms and conditions on a regular basis to ensure that you are in agreement with them because using the website or company services you are bounded by these terms as they are upgraded and evolve.
The utilization of this website: CaribbeanHistoricalTours.com and all of its affiliated websites are to book excursions or services legitimately for personal, entertainment and non commercial use only. This website should not be accessed by robots or any other automated devices or is used to support fraudulent, fake or speculative objectives by the user.

5. This website; CaribbeanHistoricalTours.com, CaribbeanArtGalleries.com and other affiliated websites should be used only for lawful purposes and that this website should be accessible to all and that you will do nothing to restrict the use of this site to anyone.

You or any group may not reproduce, download, copy, change, infiltrate, plagiarize or pretend to be an affiliate or partner of Caribbean Historical Tours. All of the contents of this site are copy written and are the sole property of Caribbean Historical Tours. This site should only be used for personal reasons and in a non-commercial capacity, any other use should be with previous written consent by Caribbean Historical Tours LLC only.

Privacy and Copyright Information

6. This website is the intellectual property of the owners of Caribbean Historical Tours and Quality Tours and Excursions and cannot be reproduced borrowed or used without express permission of the owners by way of signed contract.

7. At Caribbean Historical Tours we have many partners that help us carry out our exciting and unique excursions and these are all professional establishments that protects your privacy. We also go the extra mile by not sharing your personal email or physical address information with any of them. Your purchase information is also kept with the highest level of respect and secrecy to protect our valuable relationships with our customers.

8. This guarantees you our customer that third party companies or service providers will never get your confidential and personal information ever.

9. Any information gathered to communicate and service you more effectively is used to confirm your order and to respond to any customer service issues that may arise.

10. Whenever you book an excursion with us we actively protect the misuse, alteration and loss of all customer data to market directly to you which you can stop and unsubscribe at anytime. Our website is protected by a state of the art firewall and SSL encryption of your credit card information.

11. Acceptance of cookies is not a requirement to browsing the content of Caribbean Historical Tours web site, but our e-commerce applications require the acceptance of cookies to keep track of the items in your shopping cart to complete your order. We never use cookies to keep sensitive customer information: names, addresses, passwords, or credit card numbers.

12. If you would like to make a reservation or booking but cannot allow cookies please complete the booking form, print it out, and fax to 340.642.4343 or email scanned copy to: [email protected], or mail with check or money order to Caribbean Historical Tours –Reservations, P.O. Box 11071, St. Thomas U.S.V.I. 00801, four weeks in advance.

Price Structure and Incentive Program
There are four different categories of pricing styles Regular, All Inclusive, Corporate and Private packages.

Pricing Policies

13. Our tours are competitively priced, and are an excellent value given their content and the level of service compared to that of other tour providers. Prices listed on CaribbeanHistoricalTOURS.COM are per person unless specified otherwise.

13. A. One Person Rule: A One Person Booking is not a Private Tour. If you are booking an excursion for yourself as a single traveler the price is higher for an single individual as you may sometimes be the only one on a tour bus and to ensure the livelihood of our tour-guide and to use the technology so that we can keep our prices down while providing you with a high quality experience through training, research and prepare.

These prices do not include any local taxes or user fees, including foreign departure taxes, security, port charges, park fees, customs, immigration, agricultural, passenger facility charges or international transportation taxes.

13.1 Tips and gratuities to tour guides are not included neither are passport and visa fees or baggage and personal insurance or food and beverages not otherwise stipulated on the tour and excursion description

13.2 If a purchase was made with a special promotion code or accept a special offer during the check out process making changes in your itinerary may void any special promotions and discounts that was obtained after the purchase was completed.

C.HIS.TOURS. may honor your purchase under the special promotions or code discount at its discretion however C.HIS.TOURS. reserves the right to invalidate your discounts or special promotion if changes were made after the initial purchase.

13.3 If an affiliated service provider and partner changes tour dates, prices, inclusions, itinerary, age requirements, etc we make every effort to notify the customer, travel agent, and the distributer as feasibly as possible. In regards to unexpected changes we reserve the right to cancel, change or substitute any service for a comparable alternative for any reason. In the event that you are not satisfied a full refund of the purchase price will be provided.

Corporate Discounts

14. We offer a generous 15% discount price concession for large groups of ten or more, this discount cannot be combined with any other promotion or discount. Weddings, conventions, parties, are all welcome. To qualify for a discount you must book under one voucher and the leader or person making the purchase must be traveling with the group.

Gift Certificates

15. Note: If the lead traveler is not traveling with the group then a Gift Certificate must be purchased and the serial number (Gift certificate number) used to make the reservation.

15.1 Gift certificates cannot be redeemed for cash, they are a final sale and must be used to purchase products or services from the Caribbean Historical Tours website.

15.2 Gift certificates acquired fraudulently will not be accepted under any circumstances.

15.3 Lost or stolen gift certificates are not the responsibility of C.HIS.TOURS. but of the recipient.

Baby Allowance

16. *Only two babies (toddlers) per couple tour for free, each additional baby over the two maximum; child’s fare applies. Special fare concessions applies to families or groups over ten persons not including babies.

17. *Babies and Toddlers up to 4 years of age tour for free as part of our family initiative efforts with a two child maximum per adult couple. We do charge regular child rates for each additional child over the two free maximum under the age of five years.

18. For children five through thirteen years of age children’s prices apply.


19. We understand the Caribbean like no other, so we are aware that sometimes a cruise ship may arrive late, or, not at all. There are different reasons why this may happen, albeit a rare occasion. Alternately an airline may be grounded because of inclement weather or any number of reasons. Complete voluntary cancellations three days or less before tour date are subject to an 80 percent cancellation fee. Tours cancelled six to four days before tour date are subject to a 50 percent of value cancellation fee.

20 . If an involuntary situation arises that you have no control over and it interferes with your ability to get to the island location; and preventing you from rescheduling the excursion for another day receives an automatic full 100% refund with written proof of the event that caused the cancellation; such as a note from the doctors’ office of the cruise ship, or airline documentation detailing the cancellation of the flight that would prevent you from arriving for the tour date. These documented proofs can be sent by mail, email or fax.

Postponing and rescheduling a tour

21. Tours can be rescheduled in the event of a late arrival for the cruise ship. Tours can be rescheduled for the same day or subsequent days in cases of emergency by calling one of several Customer Service Numbers on the voucher: the most important is the local tour guide’s number and the Island Captain’s number - there is also the headquarters number which is active 24 hours a day with a response time of up to twelve hours if after business hours.
22. If you are faced with a conflicting and unexpected event and you would like to reschedule the tour that can be done up to two days before your scheduled tour or excursion by simply calling the local representative on the voucher 877 934 6661. Penalties may apply in some instances for time, material or money that went into the preparation of the excursion.


23. One hundred percent (100 %) refunds are issued only when the tour is cancelled more than 8 days before the tour date with a documented medical emergency.

24. *An incompleted tour excursion can be transferred to a Tour Credit Voucher and can be used at face value towards the purchase of any product, tour or services from our website wherever and when ever available within a two tear period after the issue date.

25. If a tour is cancelled 3 to 7 days before tour date fifty percent of the value will be refunded. Cancelling two (2) days or less before the tour date will result in a twenty percent (20%) refund. Because tours can be rescheduled and *Tour Voucher Credits can be issued, only illness or death in the family will be honored with an automatic one hundred percent (100%) refund after proof of illness and treatment are disclosed or a death certificate matching the scheduled date of your tour excursion.

25.1 When an excursion is cancelled you will be notified through email, facsimile or telephone of the total cancellation fees etc.

26. We do a lot to prepare for our tours: busses have to be cleaned, our children have to be taken to school, day care or baby sitter, for some tours food is bought or prepared; ice, beverages et al, herbs may have to picked to brew teas where applicable, voices have to be warmed up to project. A lot of work is done behind the scenes to prepare for our tours. Cancellation fees become necessary to cover costs and our employee’s time.

Customer Service Issues

27. If the Customer is dissatisfied with the service provided they should call the Island Captain’s number on top of the voucher to solve and mitigate these issues and should be followed up with an email to our headquarters address: [email protected] to ensure satisfaction.

C.H.T. Web Site. Guarantees

28. Cruise Ship Passenger information: Refunds are automatic if the tour is interrupted by inclement weather and or cancellation of your cruise ship visit as a result of the captain’s decision to change the itinerary. Tours can be rescheduled if the Airline does not connect you to your destination due to postponement or cancellations. When this happens and the tour cannot be rescheduled a Tour Voucher Credit can be issued that is good for two years after issue. If a cruise ship is delayed and late on arrival your tour will still be delivered one hour after the boat arrives if it has passed the scheduled start time. If the ship is only delayed and not cancelled no refunds will be issued for unexecuted (unredeemed vouchers) tours. To reschedule a tour please call the tour guide or Island Captain/manager numbers on the voucher.

28.1 We guarantee that all tours will be conducted when the voucher is presented to the tour guide or service provider save for inclement weather, travel cancellation or some unexpected change of events on your (Customer) behalf.

28.2 Quality excursions are what we promise. If you are not satisfied with something in the service or the service provider, we want to hear from you. We handle all customer service issues at [email protected], or our toll free number (877) 934-6661 and international direct calling (340) 642-4343 or by mail Customer Service, P.O. Box 11071, St. Thomas U.S.V.I. 00801.

28.3 We guarantee that our excursions are filled with information and excitement.

28.4 We provide round trip taxi service from your cruise ship vessel or hotel locally. Our drivers provide other independent cash taxi service on island as well. We are tour providers and airport transfer specialists only, any other door to door service provided by our contracted drivers will not be covered by Caribbean Historical Tours LLC and therefore will not be held liable for any inadequate service, transactions or mishaps.

28.5 In some islands we offer shuttle service which is included in your package wherever it exists; check islands for availability.

28.6 We guarantee that all of our drivers are licensed professionals in the tour industry and we also conduct in house customer service training and development for representation to exist between C.HIS.TOURS. and tour guides (drivers).

28.7 We guarantee that all tours and transportation services will be conducted when customers are on schedule and on time.

29. Hotel Guests Information: We ask that you commit to your scheduled excursion; it will be the highlight of your vacation. If it is absolutely necessary to reschedule please call your local tour guide or Island Captain’s number on the voucher, you can also call headquarters 24 hours a day at 340-642.4343. See the terms and conditions; cancelation and refunds.

29.1 Refunds are automatic if the tour is not completed due to inclement weather and You have no more days available to participate in the tour excursion or activity. Some independent service charges may apply.

29.2 We guarantee that all tours will be conducted when the voucher is presented and given to the Tour Guide or service provider as scheduled save for inclement weather, travel transport cancellation or some unexpected change of events that is beyond our control.

29.3 Quality excursions are what we promise. If you are not satisfied with something in the service or the service provider, we want to hear from you. We handle all customer service issues at: [email protected], or our toll free number (877) 934-6661 and international direct (340) 642-4343 and by mail Customer Service, P.O. Box 11071, St. Thomas U.S.V.I. 00801.

29.4 We guarantee that our excursions are filled with information and excitement.

29.5 We provide round trip taxi service from your cruise ship vessel or hotel locally. Our drivers provide other independent cash taxi service on island as well. We are tour providers and airport transfer specialists only, any other door to door service provided by our contracted drivers will not be covered by us and we (C.HIS.TOURS.) will not be held liable for inadequate service or mishaps.

29.6 In some islands we offer shuttle service which is included in your package when ever it exists; check islands for availability.

29.7 We guarantee that all of our drivers are licensed professionals in the tour industry and we also conduct in house customer service training and development for quality control to exist between C.HIS.TOURS. and our tour guides (drivers).

29.8 We guarantee that all tours and transportation services will be conducted when customers are on schedule and on time.

Release form and disclaimer

30. Caribbean Historical Tours uses only the best people to conduct our tours. We also add quality and value to the tours by training our tour guides in defensive driving, professional driving techniques, and public speaking and customer service skills. We however accept no liability for any physical accidents that may occur on our Nature Tour excursions or any other tour that we offer. There is always a degree of risk going on any excursion as life in general, some tours are naturally more risky because of the trailing, hiking and the precarious and precipitous nature of the outdoor environment that are inherent of the activities execution and completion. When booking these tours we expect our customers to understand that they may be taking risks as they are venturing into nature and that with all the precautions and preparation we take in properly scouting out locations and using them accidents can still happen. Insect bites, wasps, bees, and other local fauna live in some of these places that we venture into and should be looked at as their natural habitat; not ours (humans).

30.1 Therefore we do not and cannot take responsibility for any unpredictable or foreseeable injury that may or may not randomly occur on these excursions whether it be bodily or fatal. To this end we are not responsible for any foreseeable or unforeseeable losses of revenue, data, opportunity, business, profitability, any direct or consequential special or exemplary damages resulting from the use of Caribbean Historical Tours website.

30.2 We present this disclaimer that when you book this tour for you and your family, friends, or acquaintances that you are fully abreast and are deemed responsible for informing the other participants and making sure that they read these rules.

30.3 Booking this or any other tour means that you are automatically signing off on any possible recourse of legal action against Caribbean Historical Tours or any of our affiliates or contracted service providers, tour guides, drivers etc.

30.4 That being said, we always try our utmost to ensure your safety by taking precautionary measures by going through the locations and places that we venture into. We prepare the routes for you and use them on a regular basis, even though this is not enough to prevent the unpredictable it is a way to ensure your safety. We also have trained personnel to attend first aid and emergency numbers in the event of an emergency.

30.5 No liability in Shopping Services and tours we cannot guarantee that prices are the lowest or that the value is the best. Neither can we guarantee the authenticity or absence of treatments and enhancements in gems without laboratory conditions. We connect you to reputable retailers that may have unique or specific items that may not be in the general marketplace and in many cases can save you lots of money and time.

30.6 No liability in Beach Tours; we provide life vests for all children participants, especially small children, but we are not responsible for the safety of children, adults, parents or guardians.

30.7 No liability for accidents that may occur while driving to and from tour excursions or other booked destinations or during the scheduled activity

30.8 Furthermore Caribbean Historical Tours and its agents and suppliers accept no responsibility for any sickness, pilferage, labor disputes, machinery breakdown, government restraints, acts of war and/or terrorism, weather conditions, defect in any vehicle of transportation or for any misadventure or casualty or any other causes beyond their control.

30.9 Caribbean Historical Tours checks and rechecks the details of all the products and services we offer for accuracy, regardless, we are unable to ensure and warrant the consistency and functionality of the information and content to be uninterrupted or error free, that defects will be corrected or that C.HIS.TOURS.com or the servers that make it available are free of viruses or bugs.

30.9 Local laws supersede the terms and conditions of this website if in fact there are any contradictory laws by the local state or country. However all other remaining terms shall remain and be a binding agreement with enforceable rules of application.

Helpful Suggestions (31 - 44)

31. Cruise Ship Passengers: If your ship is running late or behind schedule we are very much aware of it and will wait for you up to 30 minutes after your ship's late arrival to fulfill our service promise to you. Your tour or excursion will start 30 minutes after your cruise ship berths late or whenever all of our clients are retrieved. You are the reason we tour, we know your ship name and have your appointment as a priority to fulfill. Our tour guides will always have our company mascot Mr. Calypso Coconut to ensure that you are receiving a Caribbean Historical Tours' excursion. Early tours normally depart in between the hours of 8:30 and 11:30 a.m. and are great for cruise a ship passengers whose ships leave early or individuals want to see the island as a priority and allows you to leisurely shop and/or go to the beach afterwards – maximizing your time on the island. We pick up at the gates of your ships or port terminals with name signs of the lead traveler. Our guides will have signs and uniforms in Blue, White, or Pink polo shirts with ‘C. HIS. TOURS.’ embroidered with the stamp of company mascot: ‘Mr. Calypso Coconut,’ - A Coconut Tree wearing yellow oversized sunglasses and playing a red banjo.

32. Early tours are great because you can be conveniently picked up in the morning and taken on a wonderful informative tour and be transported to the beach or shopping afterwards giving you a full day of activities and more value for the dollar.

33. Afternoon tours are great for persons desiring to sleep late or for persons intending to buy valuable items and would like to secure them first, on the ship or at the hotel before they go on tour, the beach etc. So you are able to shop in the morning and receive your tour in the afternoon. Be sure to check the ships schedule for departure time and synchronize it with the tour schedules duration to determine which tour schedule is best for you.

Hotel Guests

34. There are lots of options for the person vacationing on island in a villa or hotel. You are able to book the tour at any time from our website where ever one is available or you can call us on our toll free number and pay by credit card over the phone - please do not pay our drivers cash.

You are also not restricted by an itinerary so you can take advantage of our full service operation that has included trips to the beach; check islands for availability.

35. Swimmers: If you are going to swim be sure to pack your swim suit first so that you will have it in your possession. The tour bus will not be able to return for you to get unpacked gear. Be prepared with sunscreen and bathing suit like a good Scout.

36. Shoppers: If you are a shopper you may want to book an afternoon tour when available. This will allow you to shop till you drop in the morning. Then of course relax on an exquisite tour and be taken back to your locale.

37. Airport Arrivals going straight into a tour is not possible. Be sure to book an airport transfer separately. Not all islands have airport transfer service available, check islands for availability. Booking a tour does not guarantee airport transfers, tour service does not pick up at airports. You can order airport transfers while booking your tour/excursion package or by emailing us for a request at least one week before arrival date.

38. Booking Customer: If you are the group leader who booked the reservation please walk with the emailed voucher and your I.D. If you are buying the tour excursion for someone or a group please choose the gift certificate option on the purchase order form in the shopping cart and the recipient will book the excursion using the Gift Certificate Serial Number.

38.1 DISABILITY Recommendations:

  • Historical Tours I and Nature Tours are not good for people who have some sort of walking disability
  • General Tours, Beach Tours and Shopping Tours are great for people with some disability but must arrive with their own wheelchair if needed.

39. Gift Certificate: A gift certificate must be purchased if the purchaser is not traveling with the group or individual on the tour or excursion. The gift certificate serial number will then be used to book the tour. Gift certificates expire one year after purchase.

40. Tour Voucher Credit: A tour voucher credit is used to transfer a missed tour date into a credit certificate that is issued to the booking customer who can use the serial number to book a new tour in any of Caribbean Historical Tours’ locations or to purchase products that are sold by Caribbean Historical Tours. This is used to replace he voucher and is equal in value to the U.S. Dollar amount of voucher being replaced.

41. Early Tours or the First Tour of the day is ideal for the shopper because shopping time is usually included after the tour. Sometimes beach time is included with delivery back to the ship or hotel a standard customer service feature.

42. Afternoon Tours or the Second Tour of the day are a little more laid back. This tour is ideal for the person who wants to shop in the morning on their own and return their valuables to a safe place or just to sleep late and not have to rush on that day because of day’s organized activity. This tour can allow more shopping or beach time afterwards as well.

Shuttle Service

43. Shuttle service is a part of our service that all of our customers depend on to connect them to other activities after and before scheduled tours. Because this is an added service and many other people depend on it to make their subsequent activities, appointments and prescheduled events we cannot wait for anyone who is late in connecting to this service. Refunds will not be given to those that miss or are late for the shuttle. It is recommended that you keep the number of head quarters in case of any emergencies. It is also recommended that if you are going to party hard on the beach to keep some money to catch a taxi because after the shuttle leaves service is not guaranteed and may also cost you extra for an additional pick up that can be arranged by the driver.

Insurance and Passports

44. Travel insurance is a great way to take the stress out of travel. It gives you a peace of mind at a time when you need it most. This is a great way to cover cancelation fees of canceled or modified dates of departure, plans, excursions, etc.

44.1 Check with your embarking destination consulate about health issues and the appropriate visa requirements for entry before departure etc.


45. Booking your excursion is very simple.

45.1st (First): Choose the island that you desire to tour.

45.2nd (Second): Choose the type of excursion that you want to purchase for yourself, family or friends. Note Adult or Child.

45.3rd (Third): This is where you will enter the number of passengers in your group, be sure to stipulate Adult or Child (4-13 years old) and list all babies and toddlers that will be traveling with the group in the COMMENTS SECTION. Please list any disabilities; special requirements, allergies or medical conditions. Babies under four years of age at the time of booking are FREE!!! * If paying by cash or money order please print out the booking order form BY GOING THROUGH THE ONLINE BOOKING PROCESS THROUGH (1) PLACE ORDER, (2) PROCEED TO CHECKOUT AND HAVE ARRIVED AT THE (3)BILLING SECTION. FILL OUT ALL OF THE REQUIRED INFORMATION INCLUDING ANY OPTIONAL INSTRUCTIONS OR SPECIAL NEEDS and mail to our headquarters’ address below, 4 weeks or more before excursion date or at least –check processing- 8 days before excursion date.

46. After you have made your booking, a confirmation emailed letter and voucher will be sent to your email address. It is necessary to print the vouchers in order to obtain the tour, on it you will see the number of the local Island Captain (manager), tour guide and our headquarters.

47. *When you are accessing your tour, present the voucher, lead purchaser needs to be present and with a valid state I.D. or the tour will not be executed.

48. We have chosen an on line cashier for your convenience. This is a trusted company none of your credit information is shared with any third party entity or company and that is our guarantee. We have a high regard for our customers privacy.

49. *Cash customers: Please fill out the web site booking order form found at Billing section through the checkout process with all the particulars, print and mail through United States Postal Service using current postage rates or from International locations your regular mail rates to America. Please send your Check or Money Order four weeks in advance to:

49.1 Caribbean Historical Tours Inc. Reservations Department, P.O. box 11071, St. Thomas U.S.V.I. 00801

49.2 FED EX service mail to: Caribbean Historical Tour LLC, C/O Bookings, 20 Crystal Gade, St. Thomas Virgin Islands 00802.

50. Once the check is received and cleared we will book your tour and send you a voucher to a physical address or through email which ever you prefer. Please stipulate how you would like the voucher to be sent.
50.1 *Note: It is important when paying by check or money order through the mail to do so at least four weeks in advance.