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Tribal migratory peoples that had societies here had their own name for the island, but in our recent recorded history, Columbus named this island Santa Ana for the mother of Saint Ursula.

Formed by volcanic activity and the changing crust of the earth’s surface, St. Thomas was destined for greatness after being created approximately 106 million years ago. Originally inhabited by ancient peoples of African decent called “Indians,” today is a huge melting pot of many different nationalities. Many different European countries including Spain, England, Netherlands, France, England, Knights of Malta, Denmark, and the United States have colonized St. Thomas. Today it is an Unincorporated U.S. territory.

St. Thomas is located 18 degrees north and 64 degrees west of Greenwich. It is approximately 1,100 miles south east of Florida. One of four islands and forty-six cays that make up the Virgin Islands most are owned by the United States. Next-door neighbors to the British Virgin Islands that are comprised of four (4) main islands and has 50 cays and 10 islets. Only five miles away, even on a hazy day one look from the North of St. Thomas reveals Tortola and many of the cays and islands that inspired Christopher Columbus into naming these islands for the eleven thousand mythical virgins that followed Saint Ursula to martyrdom in Rome.



Thirteen miles long and two to three miles in width, a mere twenty-eight point twenty five square miles what it lacks in size, it makes up in service, beauty and history. A natural deep harbor no coincidence that its shores have been called upon by pirates, British, Norwegian, Danish and other colonial ships, these have now been exchanged for cruise ships and mega yachts. Once a huge trading depot, now a huge economy based on a fare trade of goods and services and some manufacturing.

Temperatures range from 65 degrees in the winter to a cool mild humidity 95 degrees in the summer. The capital is Charlotte Amalia.

Blessed with thirteen -viable- beautiful beaches and American status St. Thomas has world-class hotels such as: the Ritz Carlton and the Marriott Frenchman’s Reef Hotel. With cool air conditioned rooms awaiting guests from around the world and the added benefit of duty free shopping, the bargain hunter can go broke saving money or pay for their vacation on the savings. St Thomas has been a free port since 1764.

St. Thomas is rich in history, and geographically one of the most beautiful places in the world. Magen’s Bay Beach has been rated as one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world, can be seen from the highest point on the island at 1556 ft. From that famous point on Saints Peter Mountain (Mountain Top) you can also see 13 cays, the Sir Francis Drake Channel, Pillsbury Sound, and the Leeward Passage, St. John V.I. and Tortola the British Virgin Islands. Awesome!!!

We are mostly English speaking but cater heavily to the Latin speaking peoples of the world; many people speak Spanish or some dialect of it.

The centuries old colonial architecture of the capital’s historical shopping district is still standing and is filled with luxury goods and souvenirs these have replaced the Indigo, tobacco, rum, cotton and ammunition that were warehoused, traded, and sold on the island in its colonial past.

First named by the aboriginal peoples, Columbus renamed these islands in 1493 on his second voyage; we know that he named them as a whole in honor of the 11,000 mythical virgins that followed Saint Ursula to martyrdom. He named Saint Croix “Santa Cruz” (Eng. Holy Cross) and St. Thomas “Santa Ana”, in honor of the mother of the virgin. Today St. Thomas is a shopping mecca and vacation retreat for the rich and poor.

The islands are steadily growing with the government collecting revenues now approaching the billion-dollar mark at the end of its fiscal year. The department of tourism promotes the islands internationally as “America’s Paradise.” This is a true statement for these islands offer beauty for a good state of mind, as well as convenience, tranquility, indulgences.

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