St. Lucia Private Tour

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Schedule your own start time and exclusive V.I.P. accommodations. These are examples of what your day can look like:

Morning Tour

9:00 A.M. Tour

11:30 A.M. – 1:30 P.M. +/- *Free Time: Swim Time / Lunch Time / Shopping Time

(on this tour schedule swimming is an option for some members or all. If logistics allow some can go shopping while others swim and subsequently united for return or not with a separate trip in some cases.

1-1:30 – 2:30 P.M. Return

Afternoon Tour

12:00 P.M. Tour

2:30 +/- *Free Time: Swim Time / Lunch Time / Shopping Time

4:30 -5 Return

A Private Tour selection can be used for any type Tour from our menu in the respective island of choice: General Tour, Historical Tour I & II, or Nature Tour and does not use child costs incentives but instead counts each person as a passenger without distinctions of age.

This type of accommodation is a more personalized experience and can be directed and designed by you independently outside of the tour type and segment – route and script. *Free Time is when you can have your ceremony, have lunch on island, a specially catered venue, or swim with all costs covered by you and are separate from the costs associated with transportation.

Heightened security, flexibility, and substance, after your tour, are also inherent possibilities for a single person, family, or focus-group designation in the area of scheduling; time, logistics, and duration.
Private Tours are a luxury item, and are practical for the use of family for celebrations, and important events of focus. Also, beneficial, are the abilities to create your own schedule and complete objectives, while limiting exposure to others not associated with your group.

This category of service has a maximum of 6 hours with options to extend longer with smaller incremental costs per person to satisfy partial and segmented individual return transfers for your convenience into the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, & 12th hours to complete a job classified into a business day of service. Private Tours can be used also for Private Airport Transfers for round trip airport transfers for pick up and returns as one group using several vehicles if necessary.

In some instances, these excursions can come included with something simple and cultural to eat, however catering can be organized through our Concierge Services and included as additional costs in creating a special day, and are not included in our standard website configurations for Private Tour service.


Select your date and start time, as well as your Pick-Up Location: Hotel, Cruise Ship Name, or Villa by name and Contact Phone Number for both you and the villa – for convenience –

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