Touring St. John is one thing, and touring St. Thomas is quite another. Both paradises for different reasons, fulfilling different individuals tastes, but a visit or stay in St. John would not be complete with out a visit to St. Thomas to see the island's beautiful geography and to hear about the culture and history and visit the shopping Mecca of the Caribbean. There is no better way to see St. Thomas than with our experienced tour guides. But this tour comes with a personal shopper/tour guide who guides you efficiently through the stores, teaching about pirate treasures that were buried in downtown Charlotte Amalie. They will even help you negotiate a better deal.


Saint John was named after a saint. Named Sankt Jan by the Danes. One of four islands and many cays that Columbus named after the 11,000 mythical virgins that followed Saint Ursula. It is now named in the English Language.

Size: 19.5 square miles (9 miles in length and 5 miles in width)

Location: 18 degree north and 64 degrees west

Highest Point: Bordeaux, 1277 ft.

Population: 4,197(census 2000)

Language: English

Religion: Catholicism, Lutheran, Moravian,

Government: Democratic

Economy: Tourism based, service industry, construction, retail sales, manufacturing

Local and National Holidays

New Year’s Day – January 1                                             Memorial Day – May 28

Martin Luther King’s Day – January 15                      V.I. Emancipation Day – July 3

President’s Day – February 19                                     Independence Day – July 4

Transfer Day – March 31                                              Labor Day – September 3

Holy Thursday – April                                                  Columbus Day – October 8

Good Friday – April                                                      Liberty Day – November 1

Easter – April                                                                  Veteran’s Day – Nov.11

Easter Monday – April                                                 Thanksgiving Day – Nov. 22

Carnival – falls around July 4th                                         Christmas Day – Dec. 25

Christmas Second Day – Dec. 26


Notes: St. John is the most lush of the three islands. It is one of four Virgin Islands

and forty six cays that comprises the Virgin Islands. The island has one ;

senator that serves the people. Senators are elected every two years. There’s a

total of 15 senators in the legislature, St. Croix has seven and St. Thomas seven

Water Island the smallest of the four Virgins has no representation, but

only has a population of about 300 hundred people.

This island is a very expensive place to purchase land. Land here is a

commodity after Laurance S. Rockefeller donated 5000 acres to the Virgin

Islands National Park. The economy is based on tourism and other closely

related fields such as construction contribute to the islands economic base.

Saint John is known for one of the most successful slave rebellions in

Caribbean history.

St. John is surrounded by Great Thatch Island, Little Thatch Island, Whistling

Cay, Frenchman Cay, Tortola and the many cays that make up that British

Colony all on the northern side with Leduck Island, Flanagan Island and

Great St. James on the south.